"Las Geishas" For the east area of Lima

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    "Las Geishas" is the biggest brothel in the east area of Lima, it's located on 2598 Nicolas Ayllon Av Ate, near to Santa Anita. It's easily recognized by the pink colour on the wall. There are more than 50 rooms, it works in the morning and in the evening - night. There is also a big parking area.

    You can find girls from Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia and some Peruvian girls, it's crazy coz in the past it was full of Venezuelans but now many of them returned to their country or moved to other countries. So, little by little there are more a more girls from Ecuador.

    I don't understand why many foreigners 0nly talk about "Las Cucardas" or "Las Sirenitas" or even "El Trocadero" when all these places are far away. That's because I think "Las Geishas" becomes a good chance especially if you are in Miraflores, San Isidro or Lince, for the distance and for the variety of girls you can find in this place.

    The entrance is 10 soles and the service is 50 soles, kind of 17 dollars, which I consider is very cheap, you can stay 15 minutes around with the girl or you can also negotiate more time, 30 minutes or 1 hour, one told me, for example, she is asking 200 soles per hour.

    There is a big area for drinking with a big stage where some of the girls perform striptease and pole dance. All surrounded by rooms with the most beautiful girls in the brothel.

    I went like two weeks ago and I had sex with three different girls, 2 from Ecuador and 1 from Colombia. I really had a good time with them. I don't like Venezuelan because their treatment is really bad.

    foto fachada geishas.
    Geishas 2.
    antonio_prietto, 7 Ago 2022


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    Hi Cofrades.

    As mentioned by @antonio_prietto, "las geishas" are located on centric ubication, near to "puente santa anita" the intersection of evitamiento and central highway, with many services, stores and people around.

    Until now i have not attendem there, but located 20 at min for historic Lima and 45 from miraflores, indeed 60 or 90 of carapongo (huachipa).

    Also, i agree: venezuelan girls, looks nice and sensual body and smile, but performance is really bad.

    Magnum000, 7 Nov 2022


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    Fuerzas Armadas
    San Juan De Miraflores, Lima, Peru
    These days I was at this point in the night shift (4PM - 2AM). I arrived at 5pm and there was already a regular amount of people, several girls attending. After taking a few walks and a beer, I went for this "chibola" (teen) that caught my attention for her appearance of little experience in the "sex offer" , in addition to having a pretty smiling face. I approached her in room 64 and she told me her name was Natasha, from Manabí (Ecuador).

    Rating of Natasha (Ecuadorian teen)
    1.- Type of Girl
    - Category: Short young girl, well formed.
    2.- Age: She told me 23, must be true.
    3.- Face: Pretty face, upturned nose and pretty smile.
    4.- Size: 1.50 approx (she is small).
    5.- Breasts: Beautiful and according to her height, makes them available.
    6.- Waist / tummy: Slim, flat tummy without fatness.
    7.- Hips / derrier: Shapely butt, let you kiss and pat it.
    8.- Legs / feet: Legs contoured according to their texture
    9.- Skin: Latin brunette.
    10.- Tattoos / characteristic sign: None.
    11.- Personal hygiene: Clean and perfumed, she also wash herself after attention.
    12.- Fellatio: Good blowjob, although she doesn't do it for a long time, but she allow you to "punish" her with your 'friend'
    13.- Pussy: Good adjustment due to age, it gets wet on its own.
    14.- Anal: Yes she does, If you give her an additional payment of S/30.
    15.- Treatment: Very good, the girl is attentive and talkative if you talk to her, she did not rush at any time, really good service for the price :)
    16.- Quality / Performance: We entered and she let me touch her all over, I kneaded her breasts and buttocks at will and the flaka was also encouraged to kiss my neck, we proceeded with the oral which was normal, from there missionary where she endures Good punishment, from there I made her ride for a while and then I proposed her anal sex, I gave her a good time and I ended up very satisfied.
    17.- Quality of Massages: Does not apply.
    18.- Experience at work: She says that has a few days in Peru and stays until before Christmas (may return in february)
    19.- Advertise in / contact medium: Sexy geishas.
    20.- Price: S/80 (regular service + anal).
    21.- Cost / benefit: S/50 for standard care + S/30 additional for anal (well paid) plus S/10 for entry to the premises and S/15 for a beer.
    22.- Location: I found it in room 64.
    23.- Venue (hygiene / comfort / privacy / garage): Sexy geishas night club.
    24.- Would she come back?: Probably, she also told me that she doesthreesomes with a girlfriend.
    25.- Final score: 8/10
    Javu_77, 21 Nov 2022


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    A RT Gooch y Magnum000 les gusta esto.

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