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    Juan Alimaña

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    1.- TYPE OF GIRL: Slim, Peruvian teen.
    2.- FACE: Not pretty, but young
    3.- AGE: She's about 19.
    4.- HEIGHT: About 5'4".
    5.- BREASTS: Very small and perky.
    6.- WAIST: Thin.
    7.- TUMMY: Flat.
    8.- HIPS / BUTT: Proportionate to her thin physique. Nice round butt.
    9.- LEGS: Thin.
    10.- PUSSY: Shaved, clean, with light brown labia. Pleasantly tight.
    11.- SKIN: Soft
    12.- PERSONAL HYGIENE: Clean. She took a shower when she arrived, mid session and before leaving.
    13.- TATTOOS: None
    14.- PERFORMANCE: She arrived 15 minutes late. She came straight from home so I was her first customer. We talked for a bit before getting naked. I asked when and how she had lost her virginity and all that stuff. After taking a shower, she was very relaxed and gave me a memorable 69 style CBJ for about 15 minutes. She wants to learn how to deep throat and I let her practice. She could only take about 80% in before running out of air. She did her best. I kissed her butt cheeks and thighs during this oral session. Late into the main course, when changing positions, I noticed a pink color on the condom. Her period had just come! She felt pretty bad and on her own initiative offered to give me a BBBJ with CIM. It was more than fair. I have a hard time cuming during a BJ so I had to jack off in her mouth. She took it all including the last squeeze and calmly went to the bathroom to spit it out. I was happy.
    16.- ANAL: That sphincter was tiny and immaculate. She is not ready for that yet.
    17.- OVERALL TREATMENT: She was easygoing and cooperative. We had great conversation during and after the love making. I would repeat for the oral and CIM.
    18.- PHONE: 921604047
    19.- ANNOUNCES IN: https://kinestops.com/kinesiologa/ivanna-hot-servicial-princesa-entregada/
    20.- PRICE: 220 Soles for an hour.
    21.- LOCATION: Hotel in Lince
    22.- PLACE/HYGIENE/COMFORT: Fairly clean, inexpensive, hourly hotel.
    23.- PRIVACY: Yes. Not on a main busy road.
    25.- SEX QUALITY: Face: 6.5. Body: 8. Sex Quality: 8.5/10
    26.- FINAL SCORE: 8/10.
    27.- WOULD YOU REPEAT? Yes.
    28.- CATEGORY: Thin, young Peruvian

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