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Tema: KEYLA / LS / Miraflores / 989563339

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    Fecha de Ingreso: 13/nov/2005
    Ubicación: Florida, EEUU
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    KEYLA / LS / Miraflores / 989563339

    RT here. I was looking at some girls' ads on the internet, and since I try to patronize the advertisers around here, I included Mandy from KinesTops as one of my finalists. Her pictures are very nice, and she had the 'seal of guarantee' (which is supposed to protect us from a bait and switch situation).

    I checked with a couple of local friends and one of them was able to recommend her. That was good enough for me, and I made a phone call.

    Mandy answered, admitted that she was available and agreed that she was, indeed, the girl who I saw in the ad. She did not want to do an outcall for a stranger, but told me that she had a nice and private apartment in Miraflores. she quoted me 100 soles for a half hour or 180 for the hour. We agreed on a time, and she told me to call her from Commandante Espinar and Dos de Mayo for the exact address.

    After getting myself what passes for beautiful, I walked over, made the call, and she gave me her address and apartment number (about two blocks away). I went there, rang the bell of the building, and got buzzed in.

    The door was opened by an angel. Short (5' 3" barefoot and 5' 6" with heels), young (19, she swears), a beautiful face, a killer body and (for a girl her size) an outstanding rack. The kind of girl that dreams are made of.

    As we went into her bedroom, I asked about the apartment. I was wondering what someone who wasn't an American paid for an apartment in a nice building in Miraflores. She told me that it was a 3 bedroom, with a kitchen, maid's area, living room and I don't remember how many bathrooms (but enough). It was lightly furnished, and she said that she paid US$600 per month, and split the incall with two other girls. I think that utilities were extra. They don't live there... they just use it as an office.

    I took the time we talked to get myself composed and stop drooling. She turned to me, asked me if she was acceptable (gulp!), and if so, did I want an hour or just the half hour. I chose the hour and paid her. She said that she'd be right back and went somewhere for a minute, telling me I could use the bathroom if I wanted.

    She came back in, and we got down to business. I was glad that I took the hour option, because I needed to stop and stare once her clothes came off. Not only don't her photos do her justice, but her tits were even nicer out of their holsters than they appeared to be when she was clothed.

    Once we got around to getting around to things, it went well. Everything was done safely and with enthusiasm.

    On the down side, no open-mouthed kissing was allowed, Mandy didn't want me to go down on her (if I remember right), and she may not have been the most technically-skilled bed partner I've ever had. But those were more than offset by her beauty, friendliness, and willingness to please. For example, she made it a point to get all I had in her mouth during oral (OK, not the greatest accomplishment ever ), but wasn't really sure what to do once she had it all swallowed. She did lavish attention on the boys, however. If she doesn't burn out too quickly, this girl will be a dynamo in another six months.

    As to the sex itself, Mandy had no problems with multiple positions and didn't just lay there like a dead fish. And seeing that rack bounce up and down while she was on top was nothing short of phenomenal.

    We finished within the hour, and Mandy was in no rush to kick me out of her apartment. We chatted for a while longer, and then I got dressed and went on my way.

    I had asked if I could take a couple of pictures. She said no, saying that sometimes those things show up on the internet. I really had nothing to say to that, so I accepted her answer gracefully. She did tell me that -- now that she knows me -- she would be happy to do an outcall to my apartment for a future date.

    Mandy only speaks Spanish, so be ready with your best Espanol if you call. In case her ad isn't running, here's a link to a pdf of the ad.

    Last, I am glad that I signed up for an hour date, but when I first get to town, sometimes I just need a real quickie to, er, take the pressure off. A half hour with Mandy (for less than US$35) would be one of the better ways to accomplish that.
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    Fecha de Ingreso: 17/jul/2005
    Ubicación: Los Angeles, CA
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    RT you are the man!
    Thanks budy, for your postings... too bad you could not get a pic out of her :-( maybe next time...


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    Fecha de Ingreso: 27/oct/2007
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    Thanks for the input - I need to check her out in my next visit!!!!


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