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Tema: Shina / MA / Miraflores / 999635839

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    Fecha de Ingreso: 02/jun/2011
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    Shina / MA / Miraflores / 999635839

    RATING OF: Shina
    MIRAFLORES - shina 999635839 caliente muy atractiva Lince - San Borja - Surco - San luis - Lima Callao

    1.- TYPE OF GIRL: Sweet little thing
    2.- FACE:that of a teenager
    3.- AGE:didn't ask but would guess no more than 20
    4.- HEIGHT:5' and whatever
    5.- BREASTS:..ahhhh very nice. not huge but C Cups soft and supple. nice little nipples, let me suck them at will
    6.- WAIST:normal
    7.- TUMMY: little extra
    8.- HIPS / BUTT:some bounce but real nice doggie style
    9.- LEGS:smooth and tight
    10.- PUSSY:.. This where it gets good... tight like a key hole.. had to force it in took a little time to go balls deep
    11.- SKIN: soft
    12.- PERSONAL HYGIENE: clean, sweet scent of perfume
    14.- PERFORMANCE: treated a lover.. as close as I have come to GFE.. sweet kisses lots of touching and laughing.. I could have gone a second round but was not offered....
    15.- FELLATIO: nice.. covered of course, but good.. a little on the toothy side, could have been painful without cover but, she sucked it tight
    16.- ANAL SEX:not interested.. did not ask
    17.- ATTITUDE: very good sweet as honey
    18.- PHONE:999635839
    19.- ADVERTISES IN:MIRAFLORES - shina 999635839 caliente muy atractiva Lince - San Borja - Surco - San luis - Lima Callao
    20.- PRICE:150 soles for the hour... I was there 45-50 mins....
    21.- LOCATION: Ricardo Palma, Miraflores
    22.- LOCATION - HYGIENE/COMFORT: Okay could have used a little cleaning and she did not have an electric fan so it was hot
    23.- PRIVACY: very private.. she works alone
    24.- WORKING EXPERIENCE.. not sure but would say 1 year or less
    25.- SEX QUALITY: very good... nice tight kitty
    26.- FINAL SCORE: 8/10
    27.- WOULD YOU REPEAT? yes I will... very close. i could see my apartment from hers
    28.- CATEGORY:young little tart... nice perky tits and a tight pussy... sweet and tasty

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Nombre:  Shina.jpg
Vistas: 156
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ID: 45803  

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    Fecha de Ingreso: 29/dic/2010
    Ubicación: Estocolmo, Suecia
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    Re: Shina / MA / Miraflores / 999635839

    Is she?

    [IMG]http://www.****************/lolitas/Odara/1g.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.****************/lolitas/Odara/4g.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.****************/lolitas/Odara/3g.jpg[/IMG]

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    Fecha de Ingreso: 03/ago/2011
    Ubicación: donde esten las kines
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    Respuesta: Shina / MA / Miraflores / 999635839

    Now is hse announcing at Lolitas vip under the name of Odara right?
    pussy_fucker, ex addicttosex69

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